Well, about this famous way to consider as business it’s necessary to start on details view. First of all we’ll see a simple graphic showing us how basically we can access to get some info from system (local or online) taking all staff to make possible that your data finally be on correct place to see it.

The concepts on this simple structure show us how values interact to each other as possible. Paying attention to the first one, you see the Human Capital, not accidentally was write under all, thanks for this view we assimilate all the rest. Now dears let me to explain each of values showed…

Human Capital (Data Capital)

It’s you, but also your info data, where all things start and give consistence to any structural information (physically or virtually). More data’s (just persons) is now getting tools to be part on this virtual influence, specializing on mechanical structures performance and seriously threatening to enlarge the big net universe, also creating with no control many entertainment manifestation tools to connect (necessary today) from users to companies (any category) on this new techno ways. In others words, human capital it’s you and others, even groups, organizations, everyone connecting on the same structures, contacting on relational protocol (permissions) language.

If we mix this preparation technology with human capital, start another phenomenon, the informatics offers today promote easily advance’s softwares to any requisition as well (but not completely yet) emphasizing to updating or demanding from others data’s.

Today we enjoy of many users around the world interacting and promoting news ideas about how business can be better on screen by interaction tools.

This special example, open our eyes to see what’s going on and make us to determine where professional users (data’s) standard are, steping the future. Using of course net world’s technologies, interacting amazingly in ways that never consider before.

Security (Where to Access)

On this matter “security” means, really Business. This way can be understood if we feel necessary to be under secure virtual wall, many offers coming, each day gradually also come threating level security performance. Hackers, virus,  even unexperience data’s (persons) and more.

Organizations now are instructed to cover virtual (informatics) secure demands to front this problems..

From software (free downloadable), create solid companies emphasizing in studying more possibilities to replace their own soft created to change level secure, but with new level price. Also creating new IT science, studying all about Information Security. This item probably coming more strongly on same time than Networld organization with gradual increasing as well.

Security, more than place to access, is what you see after access, means information in it. Some organizations with Virtual access are under this amazing influence; weird but real, what to do about it? 

Control (What to Access)

This we know, on every internet sites you see probably some agrees and staff like that, then you say “yes” and “yes, and again “yes”. But on what importance place you put this clicks? Where really are save this agree? Are you really controlled after this small business contract? Probably no answers to all but a simple general view can help us to get this issue.

Organizations have controlled itself, also persons, but what happens when you meet both of them? Curiosity make start to find out your own, also the other, you want to say something. So, the other too, you want to share or no something, so, the other too. Who or what control this limit?

This is not a matter where you are, it’s about what to do when you are in it (any site)

Online Limits generally take dbase language above, this mean that control dbase on your site it’s just respecting what happen above your site. This influence coming thanks to other group (no necessary who create this one) but respecting what happen on NetWorld.

Virtual control impact, interpret language outside your visual place. So, the importance thing for this matter it’s to know where you really are and do something for it.

Productivity (Data Interaction) and Business (Proc. Data)

Now you know who you are on this net, also what identities influence on you (Security and Control).

The next step to see it’s about Productivity. This concept  meet and define What, Where, and Why of this System. Probably directingly we’re talking about job, but not at all. So, results are Innovation and Business. Can we imaging to be somewhere and in the same time not know what to do?

Productivity place, determine your business level, this is of course you next vision. So, what’s the point? You need to go to data destiny, but how? Great question if you get this project seriously.

By the way, to get the serious idea, just write it, and study your next techno adaptive steps. Then coming the next concept PROJECTS AND ECONOMY.

Project and Economy

In this matter we see that new word, cost. This mean that nothing comes real without it. The next words explain the way to get this item.

“Suppose you would like a house built. When you contract a homebuilder, you expect them to build the house to your needs. You also expect them to follow the building code, using a design/blueprint, and meet cost and schedule. The same is true of any IT project. IT projects require an up front study of the requirements as well as careful analysis and design in order to arrive at a schedule and cost. The more planning and analysis the more defined are the features and in-turn the schedule and cost. These three items: Features, Schedule and Cost form a triangle that we call the “technology triangle”


Your company and the IT assistant must form a cooperative effort to bring about a successful project. You both share the technology triangle. As the customer you can own any two items in the triangle. The IT Company must own one. So if you wish to control the schedule and cost, they will have to control the number of features that go into your project (Data’s). If features and schedule are the most important things to you, then they will have to set the cost accordingly (economy).

“Obviously the more features a project has; the more the schedule and cost will be.” (Text from

Data’s destiny

Everything are out of your organization, means data’s (persons and companies). Also you are a target for them and in some case you act as a shooter, but another time, as a “client”. Guess where you are now.



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