From Dbase we learn how values perform with each other, amazingly groups can show their own interactivity. This move in the same time, show us how can say with an interaction, some simple results, like reports and resumes, means, theirs own price and only by the way of an instruction. This is posible if each value operate correctly in place designated. The language of Dbase it’s only the result of interaction values, numbers, words, by the way of queries, but this is only happen inside a box.

External Dbase, it’s the new way. Today more an more “users” interact to each other with a simple instruction, this means that not only at this moment consider Dbase a couple bytes of internal business company or any data inside a box, it’s interacting  your  box with others, even outside your country with others like you. Just now using APPLICATIONS tools as an external temporal backup with risk but  in this moment NECESSARY. Now we call that as “Services”and “Online Services”. An interaction protocol like Twitter, Blogs, Facebook, Mails services, Sites, Clouds and so more. Softwares Protocols answering your demand to have YOUR OWN. This made us connected each of us with profiles (Data Info)

Where truly going this massing structure? (External Dbase)?

Dbase itself  keep info, offering of course security and long live for our data’s, but simply we see that all users who’s life still made their owns massing information, for any service, from fam’s info (genealogy) to the most complicating finance business report (dow jones etc..).

It’s a life still, it’s a system, a system require not only a small place, but global. No users from 10 or 20 engineers, but billions users on same “machine” on amazingly interaction. How come this?  Dbase concept, come from a group of box to a World Net.

This extraordinary transformation even of users communication, makes even a change performance life at all. Starting to say “hi” to participate on any thought’s group that users never thought about it before. That’s the new Dbase. Users from anywhere call themselves with a new name, but inside in the same system, WorldNet.

Back to Dbase

My dear users, we are a data, part of a great Dbase. Pictures, videos, thoughts, all is a data. The question is, what kind of data are you (or we)? How much influence your data can be touch (contact) other, and other, and so on? A new world vision is coming.

If we see a simple computer, we see that this small machine “without data” doesn’t work. Our WorldNet is that small computer, we are the data an as we work on this  system, if we really work with our info, maybe directing to other data (person) anywhere on this global machine, cannot scape for a long time, or global system permit you to get out. We appreciate online service, but How can we use better even external info (our info for others)?

Data’s as we, can influence to other, we call that Relational Dbase. This body kind system it’s an amazing machine, but in the same time vulnerable…

We live on time that any of you my dear users can be part of a complex system, means, data’s (just we) play a complex game, and this game it’s  not necessary to show an image of real complex life (that’s the real risk). This show on us new problems, with new categories, means info problems.

If we see this as a great Dbase , we’re talking about a great problem, not today but soon.


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