From my first page (The Real Dbase) I showed   you my dear readers how massive connection can affect new recognition and even our productivity performance life, starting from our profile to any business data. Now my dear friends, it’s time to consider another question. I’m inside in “this box” but, do I control myself or necessary I need some external “service” to be controlled?

ControlData means really “Data Control Business “, in this way the business is you. But with this vision we started another problem. If necessary to be controlled for some else on minimum possibility to do (or be) wrong, who control them?

Relational Dbase language need to be controlled for external influence (about a good and clear Dbase) with data calling itself as Administrator. In case of GlobalNet, who should be this Administrator? if this it’s happen, who control the Administrator? and so on. Control data is more than administrating data, its massive language Dbase even an interpretation of one head, group, even services, and possibly a head that no necessary be one data (person). Here then starting some organization to create the Control service, means,  service as softwares, service as online offers, etc. So, who control them??..

Now what do we expects for this phenomenon?

We are under this business influence (if we can call like this) Necesarily to act on global language. Any category, global or local, all needs control. Actually we enjoy of many manifestation of global influence (data’s (persons) creating services) and getting influence from others, this interaction made to us options , this options really inside this language  data create a new revolutionary updating  way.

About ControlData, this language not necessary means entertainment, communication, media, contacts, forums, using line application to be on this side really consider auto-control. Net service just exist, who make this alive it’s you, so, the next question is, how much control you have to make for others own business on you? How many you space them  to create other servicing?  where really going this way?

Softwares as Antivirus, Virtual Walls, are also business on you, and off course offering “upgrading and updating  “ to be protect from others” (that’s what they say). Is this is important? Now yes, but should be avoidable. Company’s buying your data’s (personal data’s), Company’s offering protection for your own data’s, all are business, no else. ControlData’s  can make itself thanks for you a new revolutionary business way. Today threated from others, sad reality, it’s just  but a great opportunity to act most seriously with our own info. Are you ready to advance?

Technologies are not all answer (just the problem was created from it), users more and more are getting knowledge to create massive using structure, but with problems that they are threatening continuously to open a new door, this it the gate of codes.

External Dbase(Worldnet service) language it’s telling us that isnt sufficiency to be a data (just user). Be and do something to control your own, also in this same way, show them the revolutionary tech’s and not to be under control, just to control you own..



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