From all discoveries we can say that the next step is business. How come? why and in what moment have been accepted as an logical way? This question offers another view point of what really data’s (we) are considered today.

Expectative about revolutionary system information comes accelerating by unimaginable ways, from papers to blog, phones to chat, business appointment to online services, local meetings to video conference, all of this thanks to necessary keep close to data’s (persons) on continues updating external  relational dbase (communication)

Next Data’ss show us how increase more and more this net when a new business is at door..

Also how distributed


In this things it’s come the quest, “What’s next??” This question open doors to new views, so, the answer, Data Business. This means is open a new door not only controlling but also use your data’s for they’re own. In this case data’s going to be more and more important recognition. Companies making actually agree for the first step to create ways to keep data’s, then after getting info, they just reorganize and offer a more easy way to find what you looking for (an example, google). This business obviously have a price, but  we’re not talking only about money price, influence from this create the new productivity generation’s time, accelerating even life style.

Life price now it’s getting on technology price standard. I’m not saying that in short time your value depend on it. But, it’s kind of this if time versus productivity would be the fundamental link to make future decision, and then “the price” (watch out!!)

New science between us and tech it’s calling IT, so, soon we’ll under IT’s influence. The most of all publics and business papers should be replace for plastic and electronic docs (have been started, but not totally). Also your data we’ll considered to work on some of next categories: Educational, News (communication), Retail, Bank, Health, job, and so more, all of this by the way of IT, organizing necessarily life as well (business).

Check this out..

Amazing, is it?

About “IT” business, what should be they own influence? And, what this business view point about us, as data’s (persons) even companies (bigger or smaller)?

This next video show us what really this view promote ways  from IT tech to Business IT (IT to BT), understanding that usually they looking us more than persons, just still looking Data’s.

External Dbase and IT business also require another terms consider specially this time, call as SECURITY TECH PERFORMANCE (*will talk about it nexts pages), this means that we are between from two identities, first, business services, and second risk data’s (and risk soft line)

On this matter we use to be care to talk about it. Security give confidence, but also this is business. Of course this require soft mind organization giving online secure to us, also given norms and transparency conditions, all involve on this concept, means “Security”

continue next publication…



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